According to the American Diabetes Association, approximately one in five diabetic patients who visit the hospital do so because of concerns about foot problems.

“Diabetes makes you prone to poor blood flow and nerve damage in the lower legs. You may get infections more often. Sores, even small ones, can quickly turn into serious problems. Any foot sore or callus needs to checked by your primary care doctor or a podiatrist. Do not try to fix these yourself, because you could cause an infection. But do inspect your feet daily for signs of trouble”

~ the American Diabetes Association

Regular visits to Boston Common Podiatry, Skin & Wellness can help detect early signs of nerve damage and poor circulation as well as many other foot problems.  It is recommended that you visit your podiatrist at Boston Common Podiatry, Skin & Wellness at least once a year.

Diabetic Foot-care tips from Boston Common Podiatry, Skin & Wellness:

  1. Inspect your feet daily
  2. Wash your feet daily
  3. Wear proper fitting shoes
  4. Trim your toenails carefully, cutting straight across or if you have developed any neuropathy or have poor circulation you should only have your nails cut by a professional at Boston Common Podiatry
  5. Don’t remove calluses, corns or other lesions by yourself. NEVER use over the counter acid treatments on your feet
  6. Never walk barefoot

Take any foot injury seriously, no matter how minor and seek treatment by a professional at Boston Common Podiatry, Skin & Wellness.