Medical Spa Treatment for Feet

Dr. Szpiro of Boston Common Podiatry is proud to be a leader in providing customized state-or-the-art services to patients.  The office offers medical pedicures, a medical spa treatment for feet. Dr. Szpiro believes in taking a holistic approach to foot care. She finds that happy, healthy, attractive feet makes one feel energized.

Under Dr. Szpiro’s supervision, her team provides customized foot treatments with the overall health and appearance of the client’s feet in mind. The revitalizing Foot Renewal Therapy experience begins with a thorough therapeutic exfoliation and callus removal. Toenails are professionally trimmed, buffed and shaped.  Meticulous medically –sound cuticle care is then provided. A specialized moisturizing treatment is then applied to the feet followed by a relaxing foot and ankle massage. The therapy concludes with the application of nail polish with anti-fungal properties to the toenails. Treatments include the use of Dead Sea mineral products. After the therapy, feet will feel smoother and lighter and will look healthy and rejuvenated.

Medical Pedicures benefits those who:

  • want healthy, well maintained feet.
  • wish to decrease the risk of salon pedicure-related infections.
  • have a history of foot infections: fungal toenails, athlete’s foot or warts.
  • have a history of ingrown toenails.
  • have chronic conditions affecting the feet including diabetes and arthritis.

How do medical pedicures differ from a pedicure at a non-medical spa? One of the key differences is in the level of hygiene and the risk of infection. Dr. Szpiro has treated many patients who have contracted a fungal, wart or bacterial infection traced back to poor hygiene from a salon pedicure. At Boston Common Podiatry the foot treatments are performed in a safe and sterile environment. The highest levels of hygiene are maintained with sterilized and disposable instruments. Another key difference is the presence of Dr. Szpiro who supervises the staff and oversees the treatments. As part of her holistic approach to foot care, she is available to consult with a client on conditions that are identified on the feet and toenails during the treatment.

If fungal toenails, warts or Athlete’s Foot are identified, Dr. Szpiro provides a complimentary consultation for the treatment of these conditions with the state-of-the-art GenesisPlus ND:YAG laser.

Being the first podiatrist in Boston to use FDA approved lasers in treating these conditions, Dr. Szpiro brings her extensive experience and expertise to each patient. She is also a leader in her ability to provide more padding in the soles of feet to relieve foot pain with SculptraR, an injectable foot filler.

For those who have toenails that are thickened, discolored, misshapen or who have lost toenails, Dr. Szpiro is able to restore an attractive appearance to the nail(s) with the KeryflexTM nail restoration system. KeryflexTM is a non-porous flexible nail that allows the natural nail to regrow. It is safe and cosmetically restores the appearance of a natural nail.

Medical Pedicures combine foot pampering with professional maintenance of feet which will keep foot problems from developing or progressing.