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Testimonials from our customers.

Sculptra – “My feet have hurt me for as long as I can remember.  As a yoga teacher, walking barefoot was becoming unbearable, and I spent hundreds on pads for shoes to make my feet feel better.  I read about Sculptra online and found that Boston Common Podiatry was the only local place that had a trained podiatrist to administer Sculptra.  Within two months of my initial treatment, I felt a drastic change—for the better!  My feet feel like they have the padding they should and it allows me to walk in any shoe comfortably, but most noticeable is the fact that I can walk barefoot while teaching yoga without pain.  After decades of foot pain, this is the first time my feet haven’t been the first thing I think about when I wake up and the last thing I feel when I fall asleep!”

-Denise Arbeau

“I had a toenail infected with fungus over 20 years ago and there was nothing available back then to treat it except topical anti-fungal creams and liquids which did not work. When I had my first pregnancy about 10 years ago, the fungus spread like wild fire to all my toes. Oral anti-fungal mediations were available but they can be toxic and have serious side effects like liver problems. I did not want to take the risk since there was no guarantee that the fungus would be cleared. So I hid my disgusting nails from society and that affected my self-esteem. It seemed like everyone had beautiful nails. If I went out in public with sandals people stared at my feet even if I had nail polish on my toenails. The nails had become so thick that I had trouble wearing shoes.

I had been researching laser treatment for toenail fungus and I finally decided to seek help from Dr.Szpiro. I chose her because she had the latest technology in lasers and also because she was one of the first to treat fungal nails and had already treated many patients.

I knew I was a tough case and I had a longer treatment period than most patients but my nail fungus has cleared and my nails are not thick. I am very grateful. The original nail on my big toe became misshapen from all the years of infection and Dr. Szpiro treated it cosmetically with Keryflex and the nail looks great.

I now I feel good about pampering my feet and I love having the Medical Spa treatment at Boston Common Podiatry where I can have a medical pedicure without being afraid of catching fungus which is a risk in a regular nail salon.

Finally, I can go out with my summer sandals and not feel like everyone is staring at my toenails. But most of all I feel happy about how my feet look.”

– Pelagia Kleanthis